Designed with precision, innovation and love, with specific focus on native ecosystem, Commix works on 5 core accelerators: Brand and Community Experience, Commerce and Business, Experience and Tech Accelerator, India Experience, and Retail and B2B Accelerator.

We dive deep into Brand's Identities across interfaces, Communication Design, Product Marketing, Retail Shopper Marketing, eCommerce and D2C Business, Data Driven CX Design, Media and Publisher Partnerships, Tech Systems, Content and Community Marketing, Interaction Design, Consumer Retention and Loyalty,  and Platform development.
Brands of today need to move from a centralized marketing strategy backed by language translations, and we help them shift to a regional focused design, where language, retail ecosystem, consumer behavior, and demographics play central roles, to drive higher penetration and brand acceptance, and acquire consumers from Bharat.
We work on driving consumer acquisitions using every interface across Marketplaces, DTC Platforms, Digital Touchpoints, Retail Outlets, and even B2B partners, deploying product marketing, content design, shopper merchandising, digital marketing, partnerships. Experiment modules and sales analytics.

We also look at strengthening the repeat customer growth to build sustainable profitability for the brand.
We help you build Tech driven Experiences that drive superior Consumer Engagement across Web,  Personalization, XR/ AR/ VR innovations, Gamification, IoT Devices, and Voice based interactions.
Our innovations are designed with a framework of Innovation-Effectiveness-Value model, that solves for your business challenges creatively and efficiently.
Building a brand is a sophisticated process, but the rewards a strong communication design creates for the brand are significantly incremental and sustainable. We help build your Brand Identity and Experience, alongside your product’s storytelling, with the help of our brand strategists and Creative think tank.
We expand your brand across relevant social touchpoints and communities using a subtle "Micro-social" approach to drive the KPIs that really matter for your brand.
Move over the past models of Shopper Marketing. With our inhouse team and platform, you can enrich Retail and B2B conversations with hyper-personalization, multi-language interactions, data driven sales programs, and strong experimentation modules.
Our B2B solutions help you enhance your reputation and equity with your buyers, while creating meaningful relationships powering growth and emotional connect across the ecosystem.